The initial session of Re-Enter and Elevate is scheduled to launch September, 2021 pending outcome of the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you are interested in volunteering as staff or participating as a client, please fill out the contact form at bottom of page. If you are looking for re-entry legal services, please head to our legal services page. 

What is Re-Enter and Elevate?

"Re-Enter and Elevate" is a free six week program that utilizes cognitive behavior training to teach participants emotional intelligence, stress management, interpersonal skills, and problem solving skills.


Participants are also provided job training and business classes.


The outcome is reduced recidivism, higher employment and earnings, and overall higher quality of life.

Cognitive Behavior Training is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and the idea that thoughts, feelings, and behavior all influence each other.


For example: If you believe that people don't like you (thought), you might avoid social situations (behavior), and feel lonely (feeling). 


What is Cognitive Behavior Training?

Why Should We Use Cognitive Behavior Training?

Research shows that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy may be as effective as 90% for treating panic disorders, 80% effective for treating anxiety, and almost 70% effective for treating post-traumatic stress. Studies have also shown Cognitive Behavior Training to reduce recidivism (tendency of a convicted person to reoffend) by as much as 50%.

Traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is designed to be short-term, usually to be completed in 12-20 sessions. Cognitive Behavioral Intervention programs have shown to cost around $60 per person, compared to to more than $43 billion taxpayer dollars spent in 2015 to keep prisons up and running – an average of about $33,000 per inmate.


Despite strong empirical evidence and support, CBT is currently not a widely used tool in criminal justice rehabilitation. Elevate Community Center aims to change this.

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