Criminal Record Related Services

9 out of 10 employers run background checks during the hiring process. Old convictions can create unfair barriers to employment and housing, yet most people are not aware that many convictions can be "expunged" under California law. 

Elevate offers free and low cost record sealing services, record expungement services, and appeals for wrongful denial of housing and wrongful revocation of job offers. Fill out the registration form below to get started.

Low and Pro Bono legal Services for Small Businesses

Small businesses often fall into a "gap" in services - many small businesses earn too much to qualify for free programs, yet not enough to afford quality service and representation.

Elevate offers free and low cost legal services for small businesses, including contract drafting, contract review, litigation, incorporation and formation services. Fill out the registration form below to get started.  


All Other Types of Requests

Legal service requests that fall outside of our focus areas are provided on a case-by-case basis. We look to the urgency of the request, and whether there are other providers available for the type of request. Services are provided for free or at a low cost. 

To submit a request, fill out the registration form below.